With the colossal uptake and assignation with online videos, it’s unsurprising that Facebook is making a tough contest to YouTube’s supremacy as the foremost online video broadcasting platform. Whilst sharing YouTube links on FB has always been easy, Facebook has made major modifications to the way in which videos and views are being managed.

Nowadays and right from time, users not only can view videos openly uploaded to Facebook, but also have the thumbnails for the videos that are uploaded looking about 7 times larger than the thumbnails as seen on YouTube videos.

Facebook currently has more than 1.5 billion video views on daily basis, but don’t be hoodwinked by this. A 2 second ‘view’ within your FB newsfeed of an auto-played movie on mute, serves as a view for Facebook, and this way seem to be upping the numbers.

While on YouTube a view of it is calculated as a view for the movie until it has had about 300 views. The algorithm and outcome of this means that one authenticated view on YouTube is expected to be more treasured than 5 or even 12 views on FB, thus be guarded when contrasting views across the two platforms.

We stand with the notion that if engagement and emotion in the direction of videos pull stronger engagement, then it is far more essential than just counting views as a pointer for success and thus comparing both site metrics on viewership isn’t as much needed.

YouTube is basically a video viewing platform while Facebook is designed for sharing, linking and socializing with other peers. Somehow it seems obvious that FB users more willingly choose to click the share button, hit a like and comment on videos directly put up on Facebook than as seen with YouTube. And this opens the ground for enquiry such as why not increase such engagement possibilities and upload straightway to Facebook to enjoy all-in-one integration between viewers viewing your content and those willing to quickly share content.

The game and goal is to have a well-produced casual or professional video of your offerings or businesses posted to both sites as they both have a part to play. Your videos can hit huge traffic when created perfectly and uploaded onto YouTube. And one more thing, Google doesn’t reveal Facebook videos in its search results but does so with YouTube. Specially crafted titles, tags and descriptions on YouTube can be great pointers for your video to enjoy better SEO results.

Right here at filmtrees, we can help produce videos of exceptional value that will offer you huge success on both YouTube and Facebook and any other social media platform. You can reach out to us today to find out more about how filmtrees create social media videos for you. And please do compare with other video production Brisbane projects.