At FILMTREES, we are on a non-stop quest to ascertain the most operative channels for promoting client’s brand or business on the internet.

The capacity to interconnect, engage and interrelate with your existing or potential clients is crucial to the progress of your business online and nothing has more prospect of achieving this than video content.


 Video contents help to increase levels of engagement.

Getting a prospective client to connect and absorb your brand or product could be a challenging task as you are faced with the unavoidable duty of having to mollify an audience, knowing they are also faced with several other options of absorbing other information.

The easiest medium to relate to all of these potential prospects and clients is thru professional video contents.

Recently, research was made and proven that about 80 percent of consumers prefer businesses that produce online videos because they are better engaged with their customers.

Video contents are distinct in that it can concurrently tell and show your clients what you are all about; dynamically connecting with your viewers instead of just laying back and letting them do the work.

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video content must be worth billions!

 An image denotes a thousand words as the saying goes. If it does, then what about the huge potentials embedded within a video content?

A simple 60 seconds long video content can tell a prospect or client all that they are required to know in a portion of the time it would take to rummage thru a page of copy.

Time is so valuable in the current day speed moving society, thus you are required to provide such exciting and engaging method of saving your client’s bid.

Diversity is the flavor of life and offering visitors to your website with a much better substitute to basic text and images i.e. thru video content, will help extend the length of their visit with more prospect to further engage and likely do as asked ‘such like sales magnet’.

Video contents practically serve to meet the requests of your clients quicker and more efficiently. It provides better enjoyable and more productive user experience within your business site online.

Video offers you the platform to display a much better range of product information and is a much better digestible medium and utilized to display your product/brand in its “real life” scenario.

Videos have the effect of easily influencing consumers, and folks find them totally helpful when making product decisions on the internet.