Video making is no longer the complex process it used to once be. The current day technology has made video creation easy and possible. Using video on the web provides various distinct benefits particularly for those webmasters seeking to expand and make money online. However professionalism must be a part of such video production for it to convert more and make your audience take you more seriously.

It is a great tool that provides loads of SEO advantages right from engagement all thru to increase in sales conversion.

Below are some essential advantages of having the right video content for video marketing purposes.


Reason 1

For SEO Purposes

The use of social media as marketing platform has grown in leaps and bounds, and for this, no serious business can stick to remain with traditional old marketing techniques, except it wants to lose treasured clients to other businesses that are acclimatizing to the required changes.

Almost all the prominent search engines now favor and place high value to video content, and thus if your business has a video and other contents with about same keyword phrases, chances are that your video will be ranked very high in due time - almost same day or in weeks.

Reason 2

Embracing video content for video marketing also guarantees better accessibility and end- user retention, since prospects and visitors viewing such video are more to be expected to view a quick 3 minute video demo of your services/products than they will be willing to read a long composition of text. 

Reason 3

Easier Distribution

There are loads of video distribution channels online that permit users to upload their videos to several websites all at once. With this, videos can be uploaded and added to the popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and others concurrently. Majority of these websites typically offer optimized videos for mobile platforms as well, hence routinely expanding the reach of the business brand.

Reason 4

Social Media Effect

Since major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter permit end-users the stage to share interesting stuffs and links, putting up your own video on such prominent sites extremely will increase your chances of wider exposure. Notably, folks are more inclined to sharing an interesting video they come across than they would with an article.

Reason 5

Offers Better Success rates with Opt-in and Subscribers

With Video Based Feeds, you pull in better leads as people prefer video landing pages that are highly informational than those of text-based.

Folks are so used and tired of getting walls of text with offers in their inbox and thus changing the approach by providing informational videos to would-be or existing subscribers will increase your chances for more opt-in and subscriber engagement.

At FILMTREES, we can help create the ultimate video content for your video marketing needs, and with assurance that you will get high returns on investments, both in the short and long term basis.