So much has evolved from the last decade, as with the sales of YouTube to Google in 2006 changing the whole online video viewing and engagement deal.

With several billions of daily viewers on YouTube alone, not to mention other platforms like vimeo and the rest, you can’t but do business, train or reach out to more audience without a presentable and well-planned video.

It is cost effective and you can imagine a basic free upload of your video reaching out to the entire globe with such huge number of traffic; offering you the prospect to be an authority in your industry and make so many sales if you sell services or products along the line.

 Considering video production for your arts, products and services means you are being responsive to the daily high demands of folks searching thru their mobile phones or PC seeking to watch the next trendy video, or how to topics, or just some good tutorials, amongst several other branding videos.

 Generally, about 92% of prospects and clients find videos really engaging and helpful when deciding to make purchases on the internet.  Videos are more visual and display the intrinsic values of the message to be conveyed.

Interestingly – a large percentage of consumers find it easy to trust companies that produce video content as this makes them more reliable and transparent in their dealings with the public.

Videos put up such positive impression of a business, and folks see companies that produce video as part of their marketing tool - as more engaged with customers, which is a good sign for them to satisfactorily do business with such firm.

 Also a captivating video can distinguish you from your competition and other players in your niche. Notably observed, simply citing the word ‘video’ in any subject line of your business email can increase the click thru rate which in turn offers better profit for your business.

Looking at the attention span of consumers on the internet which is quite short, video can help captivate them. Folks prefer to watch online videos from either their smartphone and don’t want to spend their precious time reading text.

As a business, it is vital that you invest in VIDEO CONTENT.  Note that videos of your business uploaded on Facebook Business Pages have the potentials of increasing user engagement by up to 63%, and when embedded within your websites could upsurge traffic by up to 58%.

By records, consumers generally view video clips on an average 14 million video ads daily. So it’s time to start today, and even if you have, it’s time to produce better engaging videos to bring you better success. Contact the pros at today!